Don’t Forget: Saturday is FREE Comic Book Day

  • Celebrating its 15th year, Free Comic Book day has become an annual first-Saturday-in-May celebration for comic fans and shops around the globe. Along with being a great opportunity to scoop up some limited edition books, Free Comic Book Day also offers the comic curious a welcoming portal into the world of comic books.

    Bolstered this year by the hugely anticipated release of Captain America: Civil War, there will no doubt be some n00bs stepping foot into their local comic shop for the very first time. While experiencing a new realm of nerd culture can be intimidating to those who only know their comic heroes on the big screen, there’s no reason to freak out. Everyone was a rookie at some point.

    For the first-timers among us, here’s how to get the most out of Free Comic Book Day in three easy steps.

    1. Find your nearest participating shops by using this Store Locator.

    2. Get to know this year’s Free Comic Book Day releases. Not every book listed will be available at every shop and most shops tend to let customers pick out a couple different books. Contrary to its name, Free Comic Book Day isn’t free to the shops. They do have to pay for the comics they give out for free.

    3. Say thank you (and maybe even buy something). Even the most successful comic shops walk a fine line when it comes to being able to keep the doors open in the digital age. Help do your part to make sure your local shop is still around by the end of Phase Three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe buy spending a few bucks on an extra book or two.