Tik Tok Star Charlie D’Amelio Responds to HATE Online

Everyone wants to know what's good

The internet is all over the latest Tik Tok sensation Charli’ D Amelio with her dance videos, but many are wondering how she got famous and what the hype is really all about.

15 year old Charli D’ Amelio has been on the app Tik Tok for a little over six months and has amassed over 16 million followers. The app, formerly known as Musical.ly, was acquired by Bytedance in the recent years and transformed the app from lipsychs to dances, sketches, comedy bits and more. Charlie uploaded a few dances with her friends back before the app was acquired and actually deleted them, and they never saw the light of day. She says that she never saw the appeal until her friends at school told her that she could easily make videos that were even BETTER than others on the app.

When her first video blew up on Tik Tok, Charli said she was actually confused why she was gaining a lot of views in the first place and didn’t know what to do.

From there on out, she said nearly every video she had blew up on the app itself. She actually kept it a secret when she was racking up views because she was nervous and afraid she would be made fun of. Her videos consist of mostly dances and from a young childhood, she has actually been going to dance classes frequently.

With the mass amount of what you may call overnight fame, the family has been trying to figure out what to do.

In an interview with Gary V, the family said they were really confused on how to handle people coming up to their daughter all the time. Whether it was going out to dinner or even being stopped by strangers, the family started to realize how much of a big deal this was.

And of course with the mass amount of people watching Charli, there were of course going to be some haters.

A lot of the internet doesn’t understand where this rapid success came from. Some have called her dances unoriginal, but that hasn’t stopped Charli at all.

The internet has been full of trolls who do make fun of the TikTok star, but she says that she is just living her everyday life and there isn’t any need for it. In the beginning, she never thought the views or likes were important and has tried to keep it that way.

Charli actually held a meet and greet with fans a few months back that actually left some people upset at the ticket prices.

The event was a charity fundraiser where ticket prices for a VIP meet and greet with Charli were at $100 a person. This included the chance to make a short view dance the with TikTok star, but a lot of people felt this was overpriced. Some compared how much they were able to see stars like Billie Eilish even for a lower price.

Aside from the the haters, it doesn’t look like Charli is going to stop here. With her following rapidly growing on the app, Charli has consistently put out even more dance videos. She is now ranked in the top ten most followed people on the app.