The Internet Can’t Get Enough of Kylie Jenner’s New Pregnancy Video

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 It’s official, Kylie Jenner once again has the internet sobbing with the release of  her latest  YouTube video titled ‘To Our Son.’  People on the internet cannot stop talking about the video Kylie Jenner uploaded to her Youtube channel recently where she showed never before seen footage from her second pregnancy.


We’re not sobbing, you’re sobbing (????: @iammaddisonhill) (????: @Kylie Jenner ) #viralvideo #toourson #kyliejennerpregnant #travisscott #stormiwebster #wolfwebster

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Kylie recently gave birth to her second child with Travis Scott and this new YouTube video featured a lot of Stormi, Kylie’s baby shower, and Kylie even recreated that iconic ’34 weeks pregnant’ meme again.

Kylie fans and non Kylie fans couldn’t help but love and appreciate this video, and they couldn’t help but share their feelings on social media.

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