TikToker Remi Bader Calls Out Delta Airlines for Size Exclusion

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TikTok creator, @remibader, or just Remi, is known for posting body positive content and often calls out brands, usually beauty or fashion, if they are not being sized inclusive. This content has garnered her over 2 million followers. Right now, however, Remi is going viral for not calling out a beauty or fashion brand, but she is calling out Delta. In a video with over one million views in just 4 days, she shows her audience a video of her being unable to buckle her seatbelt due to there not being a seatbelt extender. She tags Delta, asking the brand to “figure it out.”


And no I shouldn’t need to ask for an extender. It should just be easy! @delta

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In case you are unaware, a seatbelt extender is a device used by airline companies to give to passengers unable to use the seatbelt with its current size. These are often kept on hand and have to be asked for by passengers to the flight attendants. Remi asks an important question some may not have thought of: why not make the seatbelt long enough to be inclusive and fit all people, instead of only accommodating some and making the rest have to ask. At the very least, many wondered why these were not kept in the pockets of seats, making it discrete so that passengers do not have to draw any attention to themselves. In her caption, she writes “I shouldn’t need to ask for an extender. It should just be easy.” But, Remi’s point is that a seatbelt extender should not even be needed and that seatbelts should be designed to protect anyone of any size.

Image: @remibader | TikTok

One person pointed out that being a size fourteen definitely should not need this, pointing out an issue with Delta. A size 14 was once considered the standard size for US women, but a recent study shows that the average size is “16-18.” With this being said, that points out the fact that Delta’s seatbelts might not protect a large majority of American women. Many in the comments shared the embarrassment of having to ask for these extenders. One commenter wrote “Last time I flew I was too embarrassed to ask for one so I just put my coat over it and pretended. I was willing to risk my life I guess.”

Although Delta has been called out for this by not only Remi but other TikTokers as well, Delta has not seemed to do anything to fix the issue that many are pointing out, despite saying they “we actively seek diversity, boldly pursue equity, and consciously promote inclusion to create a sense of belonging for all people.” This excerpt is included in their diversity and inclusion policy, but many are saying that they are not seeing this represented in the brand. Though Delta has not issued a statement or made any comments for this recent issue, many are hopeful this could still bring awareness and make a change.

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