Trisha Paytas Reveals How Much Money She Makes These Days and Where She Spends It

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Trisha Paytas is opening up about her internet empire and how much money she truly is raking in.

The 35-year-old YouTube star spoke out in an interview with Jordan Firstman for Polyester Zine, which is now out.

During the conversation, the mogul let everyone in on how she really started making money online and how it compares to television salaries.

Paytas also let people in on what it was like starting online content and how she feels about her LGBTQ+ audience.

LOS ANGELES, CA - DECEMBER 17: Trisha Paytas is seen on December 17, 2019 in Los Angeles, California.
LOS ANGELES, CA – DECEMBER 17: Trisha Paytas is seen on December 17, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by SMXRF/Star Max/GC Images)

When it came to her television salaries, she stated, “When I started YouTube no one was making money, it wasn’t highly produced. It’s cliché to say, it was like cat videos or people doing webcam videos or something. My digital camera could only do like 60 seconds, all my first videos were 59 seconds long, because I didn’t know how to edit or anything. Now it’s so produced. YouTube is social media’s mainstream, which was never the case before.

She went on to add, “It’s only the past three years where it’s like ‘Oh, this is getting more numbers than television.’ And I’m so old school where I think, ‘I wanna be on TV.’ But in reality, TV gets way less views. On TikTok you get 200 million views a month. What TV show does that? It’s pretty wild…And the pay! We even looked it up, because I love Wendy Williams, and she was getting like $55,000 an episode.

Paytas emphasized her surprised stance saying, “I’m just like, ‘That’s insane.’ And she’s doing it five times a week. You get that in a week on the internet. It’s more the notoriety, on billboards, on TV.”


When it comes to her past being the on the internet and being such a widespread meme, Paytas said that she never pictured herself the way she is now.

“Sometimes I see those compilations on TikTok and it brings me right back to it. Because it doesn’t seem like me, but I’m like, ‘No I remember that feeling.’ That’s the only positive thing about putting all that mess out on the internet, because I see so many people in those TikTok comments like ‘That’s where I’m at right now, she gives me hope.’

When it comes to her money, Paytas did not hold back on numbers.

“It changes so much. Before I was married, I’d wake up and I’d be filming five videos a day or something like that. And then when I got pregnant I had a very easy schedule – I was just doing like ASMR, whatever felt good that day. But I really hustled right before I gave birth. I was doing OnlyFans and ASMR and main channel videos, and everything, Twitter, TikTok. I was doing that three or four days a week and I had my husband to help me so he would set up all the shots and stuff.”

She went on to add, “When I was doing it myself it was just literally just in my car or on my floor or something. Even after she was born I was filming in the hospital, after the hospital, I really hustled. Because that’s a flow too, popularity, money, everything like that. So there was a time when I was posting every single day making $100,000 versus a time I was posting every single day making $8,000…but then YouTube goes up and down.”

Paytas even opened up to why she stopped doing adult content online.


“When I was single I loved it. I’d never had that era where I was like, my slutty era or whatever. And I did, I had fun. Because I liked the idea of being a p-rnstar when I was younger. Like Jenna Jameson on Howard Stern sounded fun. But maybe not working for a studio or them telling me what I had to do or all the angles… this was OnlyFans, your iPhone, whatever you wanted it to be and picking who you wanted to do it with. It was fun. I had a summer of it and I made a ton of money and I loved it. I probably would have continued longer but I met Moses [her husband] and I was like, ‘OK, I’ll stop now.’ Yeah, so I really rode that for a while. I did it about a year before I met him, but the really hardcore stuff I did for like a summer. I don’t regret it.”

Paytas even noted that she loved her popstar era and even making music videos. The internet star noted that her crew would range at times of up to sixty people.

“I had my one director, he did every single music video, 65 music videos with me. And I loved him so much, and I had a great choreographer who was really fun. It was like my social time. I’d go to rehearsal and we’d go out to eat after. It was just a fun vibe. They were all my friends for so long. They still are, but those were my only friends for a long time.”

As far as the future, Trisha hopes to make a Bollywood film one day and maybe even have a ‘Trish museum”

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