Twitter Chimes in on The View’s Hunt for Conservative Replacement

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Image: @TheViewABC | Instagram

After conservative Meghan Mccain departed as a host on “The View,” the show has struggled to find a replacement for a conservative replacement. The show is a daytime talk show that is hosted by women where each woman talks about their perspective on the day’s news, an opening segment known as “Hot Topics.” Then, they often interview a celebrity who performs or simply chats with them. The long-running show is known for on-screen discourse, and many enjoy watching the different opinions being presented. After conservative Meghan Mccain left, however, the show cannot seem to find a conservative host, causing drama and concern within the show. Now, Twitter is reacting and chiming into the problem.

Why can The View not find a conservative host?

Although the show has featured conservative guest hosts, like Alyssa Farah and Gretchen Carlson, the show has not yet chosen a permanent replacement. According to Politico, who reported on the situation, the problem lies within finding the “right” conservative host. For example, they do not want a host that denies the 2020 election results, a conspiracy theorist or one who is pro-Trump. Still, they want the host to have credibility among Republicans. As well, they want the hosts to get along but still argue with each other, as many watch the show just to watch the arguments.

Also, the conservative seat does not have a great reputation, as some former conservative co-hosts have claimed they left due to being bullied by other co-hosts or ABC executives. The seat is often known as a revolving door or acting on borrowed time, many have noted.


Twitter’s reaction

After Politico reported on The View’s struggle to find a conservative co-host, many on Twitter reacted and noted their opinions with regards to the situation. Many felt that the show was looking for something that does not exist, as many felt that Republicans who are liked by other Republicans tend to be pro-Trump.


Some suggested Ana Navarro, who has regularly filled in on the conservative chair, but is not a traditional Republican and is deemed as “too friendly.” As mentioned, the show still wants the women to argue, but not too hard. Kat Timpf is a libertarian who was offered the seat, but she turned them down due to a contract with FOX and the show’s reputation of treating conservative hosts unkindly.

Interestingly, both sides of the political spectrum seemed to join in on the discussion of who should be the new permanent conservative co-host on “The View,” but it still does not seem it would be an easy spot to fill or be the person filling the spot, as the show is often widely criticized.

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