Avatar’s Sequel Trailer Divides Users on Twitter

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In 2009, James Cameron’s Avatar blew audiences away and became the highest-grossing film of all time. The film took home 3 Oscars and took 15 years to complete, fascinating viewers as it was the first of its kind as it was completely computer generated. But, 13 years later, the film’s sequel trailer is not blowing everyone away. The film’s trailer debuted yesterday, causing it to trend on Twitter. The sequel is entitled Avatar: The Way of the Water and will feature many of the original film’s actors as well, like  Zoe Saldana as Neytiri, Sigourney Weaver in a new role and Sam Worthington as Jake Sully. The film picks up where the last one ends as the two main characters, Sully and Neytiri continue to live in the world of Pandora.

Twitter’s response 

The film will be released in December, although it was first set to debut in 2014. After many setbacks, some are looking forward to finally see the movie. Critics are impressed by the trailer and praising it for it’s “breathtaking visual affects.” Clayton Davis, a Senior Awards Editor for Variety, wrote “stunning visuals as can be expected.” Another wrote that they watched the trailer “10 times and I loved it each time.”

Not everyone, however, was impressed with the trailer. The Guardian wrote that “There isn’t a trace of premise here, or character, or any real action to speak of. Instead, we’re given a minute and a half of nice-looking scenery.” Many did not understand why the film is being released 13 years later, as the film was popular then but some wonder if it would have the same influence today. “Sorry but the first one became so big because it brought new technology with motion capture technology, besides that the story was mid just a basic save the environment humans are bad storyline, this movies looks just as boring as the first,” wrote one person on Twitter.


Although many believe the original film made a cultural difference in 2009, not everyone seems to be looking forward to the sequel. Others, however, maintain the fact that since the film was so popular, the sequel is highly anticipated and will also perform well.

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