Twitter Users Discover That The Barbie Oppenheimer Phenomenon Is Nothing New

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Greta Gerwig’s much anticipated “Barbie” is notoriously hitting theaters the same day as Christopher Nolan’s “Oppenheimer”, and fans of both directors cannot get over the vast genre divide hitting movie theaters that weekend. Today, a Twitter user named Trish (@ULTRAGLOSS) realized that another of Nolan’s films, “The Dark Knight”, debuted on the same day as “Mamma Mia,” another cult-classic female led film.

Twitter users were shocked at the twist of pop culture history repeating itself.

One Twitter user recounted seeing both 2008 films on the same day, something that many “Barbie” viewers vow to do. Many Gen Z and millennial moviegoers recalled memories from the infamous box office weekend that swept theaters over a decade ago.

Another recalled her mother seeing “Mamma Mia” while the rest of the family saw “Dark Knight.”


The Stories And Reactions

Another Twitter user reminded social media that they did not have to pick sides. Both movies are already receiving high praise from early reviews.

Meanwhile, others conspired that Nolan was planning his releases with purpose, so as to drum up press coverage.

Others joked that Nolan produces films for fathers who come to theaters to drop their kids off at other films.


Of course, the “Barbie” memes continued. One Twitter user shared a Barbie x Oppenheimer poster.

As history repeated itself with a Nolan film release coinciding with a female-led comedy, film buffs are manifesting that 15 years from now, the tradition will continue.

Stars of both films have not commented on the battle of the box office at this time. Both Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, who star in “Barbie” as the titular Barbie and Ken, continue to share humorous on set anecdotes ahead of its release.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “Barbie” is expected to have a lead over “Oppenheimer” when the films hit the box office on July 21. Neither Gerwig nor Nolan have spoken about the ensuing memes surrounding the coinciding release dates of their respective films.

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