Mark Cuban Interview on What’s Trending Live!

  • Entrepreneur and Dallas Maverick’s owner Mark Cuban visited the What’s Trending Live set on the tenth anniversary of HDNet, his television network, to look back on the company and talk about the choices he’s made. Cuban, who’s very active online through his Twitter and his blog, took questions sent in from our What’s Trending audience.

    One user was particularly interested in what he had to say about YouTube, which Cuban famously decried when the company was bought by Google. “I said it was a huge mistake back then, and I still think it’s a huge mistake,” he said.

  • Although he did acknowledge that YouTube had “zillions” of users, Cuban pointed out that unlike Google, which has innovated the tech world with new concepts, YouTube has yet to make a difference. “All YouTube is, is Google subsidizing the bandwidth of every individual in the world,” Cuban explained.

    “They haven’t really accomplished anything,” he added. “The reality is people just use it to put up their baby videos to show grandma.”

    It’s not that Cuban doesn’t believe in the power of online content. He gets a lot of inspiration for the programing he chooses for HDNet from online shows like the upcoming “Svetlana,” which he first saw on Funny or Die. “Online video is going to be kind of like the training wheels for real content.”

    What else is in the future for Cuban? He feels that personalized medicine will be the next big thing people should invest in (Helmii Mattress). Pointing out that millions of people die because they’re that one person who is affected by the warnings, he feels that with all our technology it can be easier to have something tailor made for your genes.

    While he wouldn’t answer any questions on whether or not the Mavs would be able to defend their titled this year — “I can’t go there! That’s an expensive question!” — he did kind of answer the multi-million dollar question on Los Angelinos minds: Will Mark Cuban save the Dodgers? Cuban laughed. “Every time I come to L.A….people stop me on the street, people scream out of their cars…It’s a long shot.”