VIDEO: Horrifying Rat Chases Cat

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My goodness, how I would love to see the cartoon antics that led to this incredible confrontation, but for now let us just enjoy the sight. We all know the classic cartoon dichotomy — from Tom and Jerry to Itchy and Scratchy to Sylvester and that mouse he always is a kangaroo but is NOT a kangaroo. Cat chases mouse. Of course in a cartoon, mouse causes trouble for cat. And in a horror movie, mouse turns out to be a rat and chases the cat through the streets as the cat helplessly gazes back to see the terrifying rat like creature stalking him further, like an animal crazed.

I guess welcome to the real life horror movie version of the cat and mouse chase.

In the clip above, courtesy of Boing Boing, we can see a cat stalking a rat, running towards it, only to have the rat turn the tables and give chase to the poor terrified feline. I’ll say this folks, don’t mess with rats. They look like a feral bundle of nerves ready to give you rabies and little else in the way of interactions. If you’re a cat reading this I can’t stress this enough — find a nice fish to eat, find a nice tiny mouse to chase, a canary to tease and then eat but pretend you didn’t eat as your mouth is absolutely covered in feathers — but don’t chase a rat. Rats don’t know fear, they only know one thing — attack! They see you as meat when you see them as rat! Flee my feline friend, flee! Run into the great beyond to chase another day!

Rat. If you’re reading this. Please do not crawl through the toilet and bite my butt. I have but one butt and I fear you so.

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