VIDEO: Saturday Night Live Reflects Millennial Economic Woes With “Millennial Millions”

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This Saturday Night Live sketch, involving a game show where millennials try to win money from an ever greedy baby boomer generation, is interesting in its politics. It starts incredibly progressive and empathetic — focusing on how baby boomers will destroy the lives of millennials in this ever growing economy that is meant to suffocate those who suffer the most, and the uhh– tries to play both sides by saying millennials complain too much? The economy has been suffocated by one very selfish generation, and this millennial generation just wants people to recognize that uhh– your transphobic bullshit won’t fly anymore, old man! In any case, Saturday Night Live discussed this economic suffocation in between their okay sketches involving Alec Baldwin in bad costumes with “Millennial Millions”: a game show where millennials try to scrounge back whatever money they can from the Baby Boomers who grabbed it from the world.

The sketch is currently blowing up on YouTube — with Kenan Thompson as the host, and Pete Davidson and guest host Rachel Brosnahan as millennial contestants, as Aidy Bryant comes to sing an introduction to the problems that Baby Boomers have caused. The millennials discuss their difficulty working for increasingly predatory employers, and look. They might get the benefits that one generation takes for granted that maybe the newer one is being actively denied and then being called lazy for, but the game show offers one challenge: in order to get these fabulous prizes, they have to listen to a baby boomer talk for a whole minute.

As Kenan points out, it is hard for millennials to listen to a point of view different than theirs. Which, I disagree with. The older generation is still losing their mind over the concept of letting transgender people use bathroom. Who is the sensitive one here? These people can’t even piss without getting offended. That said, the contestants lose having to listen to the older generation call millennials a privileged generation because they have Netflix or hearing an older guy complain about the taxes on his third house.

Ugh, these people are annoying.

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