Kanye West Teases Retirement from ‘Professional Music’

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Rapper Kanye West allegedly hinted at retiring from music in a text message revealed by fellow rapper Rich the Kid, causing quite a stir. Kanye, known for his innovative albums like “The College Dropout” and “Graduation,” as well as numerous controversies such as his infamous interruption of Taylor Swift at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, has been a polarizing figure throughout his career. On July 9th, Rich the Kid shared a message from Kanye stating, “I am retiring from professional music. Not sure what else to do.” This news left fans divided, with some upset and others welcoming the potential shift. However, shortly after, Rich the Kid clarified with another post saying, “Actually we dropping Friday,” accompanied by an image of 18 new songs, including one featuring Kanye, suggesting that retirement might not be imminent after all.

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