Why Everyone Is Talking About Bed Bugs in Paris

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Bed bugs have taken over the internet–and Paris, France. This Paris Fashion Week was overrun with the pests, to the point that they escaped their home base in hotel beds and took over subway systems, cabs, and restaurants. As American designers, models, journalists, and more return from the occasion, European survivors are offering their survival guide for bed bugs. The pests have turned the City of Love into the City of Bugs.

The bugs have reportedly invaded luxury hotel rooms, AirBnBs, apartments, and more across other European countries. Londoners are sharing their tips for the Parisian bug infestation. From being mindful of where you place your bag in public to keeping light colored sheets on your bed for optimal bug catching vision, there are a number of preventative tips.

Why exactly the Paris bed bugs have everyone in a frenzy is a deeper story. Paris Fashion Week hosted a number of high profile Americans, from Kim Kardashian to Law Roach, Pamela Anderson, and Zendaya, who might just drag a trail with them in their wake. Additionally, Paris is set to host the 2024 Summer Olympics. If a global outbreak persists, the international games could also be affected. The Summer Olympics are only held every four years, giving the strongest athletes in the world the floor to compete in the sports they have extensively trained for their entire lives.

Emmanuel Grégoire, the deputy mayor of Paris, wrote that the French capital was “at the forefront of this rapidly growing, persistent scourge.”

Social Media Reactions To Bed Bugsgate

Of course, the memes about the shocking absurdity of a bed bug infestation have taken over social media.  The fear of an international invasion lingers, just as the U.S. is crawling from the ashes of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the midst of fear comes memes.


Others continued to assert the serious nature of a bed bugs infestation. While the bugs themselves are not known to carry disease, the blood sucking bites can cause skin conditions and allergic reactions in some victims.


Many applauded a previous video of a woman cleaning her hotel room before using it, and reminding viewers that such precautions might be necessary during bed bug season.

Others have begun to question an international response to a potential global infestation. Three years ago, stay-at-home orders were widely implemented to stop the spread of COVID-19. Now, some question if similar measures will be taken if the bugs invade American public transportation systems.

Some continue to share photos and images of their encounters with the pests, so as to raise public awareness.

U.S. officials are yet to address the bed bug infestation in Paris, and it remains unclear whether it will truly have international reach.

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