The Burger King Mascot Pranks McDonald's Customers

The Burger King Mascot Pranks McDonald's Customers

  • Here's some suspicious footage of a man dressed as the former Burger King mascot, handing out free Burger King Whoppers to McDonald's customers in Rome, Georgia.

    Georgia-based surreal comedy group The Woodcreek Faction seems to be taking credit for the stunt, having uploaded the video to its TheWoodcreekFaction YouTube channel.

    The caption states that neither the McDonald's manager nor any of the employees asked the King to leave while he was in the fast food establishment. It wasn't until he got in his "Whoppermobile" and attempted to drive away that he was stopped and questioned by authorities.

    According to the Rome New-Tribune the police reported that "He danced while inside the restaurant and stopped to take pictures with children. The report states that one child took a picture with him and ran away as he appeared to be scared."

    The YouTube clip provides audio of the conversation between the King and the manager, with the King saying he was doing this for charity because "it raises awarness for everything" and helps "all the children."

    Well, that's not creepy.

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