Tony Lucca Performs “Reckless Love” and Chats About Working With Adam Levine on His Upcoming Album

Tony Lucca Performs "Reckless Love" and Chats About Working With Adam Levine on His Upcoming Album
By Amanda Walgrove
  • Singer/songwriter Tony Lucca recently exploded into nationwide stardom after becoming a finalist on the third season of NBC’s “The Voice” talent competition series. With season 4 premiering tonight, March 25, Lucca stops by What’s Trending to tease the new batch of contestants, chat about working with judge Adam Levine on his own upcoming album and perform his original song, “Reckless Love.”

    “Now the real work begins,” Lucca says. “I’ve had this newfound exposure, what are we going to do with it?” As with many of these talent competitions, Lucca’s new catchphrase, “Losing is the new winning,” can certainly applies.

    Since the series ended, he’s been been touring and writing all over the country, priming his new record for its upcoming release.

    He reveals that his song was inspired by Rihanna and Chris Brown’s relationship in the media. “You get addicted to these little weird stories,” he says. “What is it our business that they’re going through this type of…reckless love? But at the same time, we can’t help but relate somehow when our lives are a fraction as exciting.”

    Having grown up in the suburbs of Detroit, Lucca says of his raw musical sound, “You realize that is the soundtrack of that world.” He developed it as his own and began embarking on his musical career from a young age.

    Since he emerged as a seasoned artist on “The Voice,” Lucca says that having such a resume was both an advantage and a humbling experience. “‘The Voice’ represents a certain layer of the stratosphere where there might be fans out there that know who you are but you’re still not notable enough that these four coaches would know you.”

    With the new season coming up, the season 3 finalist shares his thoughts on seeing an early screening of the premiere. “I’m a fan of the show for sure, but as someone who’s been through it, I can easily be extremely critical,” he says. “But honest to God, season 4 is […] dare I say, the best season yet, even after the first episode.”

    In terms of his working chemistry with Adam Levine, Lucca says, “We were the awkward kid in junior high that took to music and became frontmen of bands. There’s an automatic shorthand.” He continues to praise Levine’s talents. “He’s an extremely smart businessman […] His hands-on portion of the workload is finding the right people to do it.”

    While he’s made himself known for his awesome covers, like “99 Problems,” and a remix of Antoine Dodson’s “Bed Intruder,” we’re totally looking forward to any potential Sweet Brown and KABOOYOW renditions.

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